• Events and Hospitality

  • Hosting Virtual Events

  • Activations

  • Exhibition and Stand Design

  • Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • CSI Project Management

  • In-Store Merchandising and Promotions

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Who We Are

Fresh Minds’ focus is to create engaging communications for the brands we represent. We specialise in events, hospitality, activations, exhibition & stand design, invitation & RSVP management and digital events & marketing solutions.

It all starts with our people. The lifeblood of our business. It’s not just their expert knowledge, but life experiences that inform so much of what we do. In a country as culturally diverse as South Africa, research and numbers alone can only take you so far. It’s our lived experiences and insights that help us create ideas that go beyond executions and strategies to become part of South Africa’s social fabric. Quite simply, locally relevant work crafted by a team of genuine folk.

Fresh Minds is 100% Black Woman Owned with a level One 135% B-BBEE procurement recognition level.


Events and Hospitality

Events have the power to instantly change how people feel about your brand. This is one area where we need no introduction.  We excel at building powerful brand experiences, each event catering for its specific audience. It’s one of only a few communication tools where we can engage all the audience’s senses and it’s a constantly evolving field that moves with technological changes.

Fresh Minds offers an extensive array of event experiences, from large scale corporate launches, conferences to intimate experiences. We can provide all the key requirements to enhance the customer’s experience.

  • Project management from concept to completion
  • High-profile guest management
  • Venue sourcing and profiling
  • RSVP management
  • Travel logistics & VIP transport services
  • VIP hospitality
  • Health and Safety management
  • Merchandise, including gifts and trophies

Virtual Events

Our expertise provides exactly the right mix to optimise your results and budget. Fresh Minds’ is expanding it’s offline offering to include online event solutions. Welcome to an era of virtual event solutions. It may be business unusual, but the Show Must Go Online


Fresh Minds is renowned for its brand activation prowess. We understand the intricacies of every brand we activate and every audience we activate to.

From cultural variances to vernacular differences, we can tailor-make any campaign to suit the needs of both the brand and the audience.

The BOP market is a highly specialised market space that requires the utmost attention. From spaza shops to taxi ranks, stokvels to strip malls, taverns to roadshows, we do it all and we do it well.


Exhibitions and Stand Design

Your exhibition stand is more than just a booth to house your products. It helps increase brand visibility, makes your brand look more credible and helps bridge any gap between you and your consumer.

We have an extensive network of professionals that partner with us to provide you with unique exhibition designs to choose from. We project manage the event from start to finish and also provide sales staff depending on the client’s needs to ensure your exhibition is a great success.


Digital Marketing Solutions

Need help to create powerful online business strategy?

In this competitive age, brands need to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd.

At Fresh Minds, we go the extra mile to create a digital offering that gets the desired results with measurable ROI. An effective Digital Marketing Campaign must take your unique product offering into account and then identify the most suitable online platforms to implement your online strategy.

Our Service Offerings

Our broad service offering includes:

Content Creation and Marketing
Graphic Design and Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM/online paid advertising)
Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Email Marketing

Brand Ambassadors

Credible brand ambassadors can offer many benefits, the most important being the ability to boost your brand on social media, spread positive messages and influence consumer sales at events and online. The most effective brand ambassadors can provide outstanding customer service and act as trusted spokespeople for your brand.

We have highly professional and trained staff who can work in any environment.

  • In-store promotions
  • Registration staff
  • Flyer distribution
  • Hostesses for events and golf days

CSI Project Management

Fresh Minds is a company with a real passion for the development of South Africa. We are leading and driving Corporate Social Investment Initiatives, trends and creative solutions. Our people are passionate about ensuring sustainable development and making a real impact on the communities in which we work.

Our business philosophy

We guarantee to always maintain high ethical and moral codes of conduct in our business and community involvement. We always respect and value our stakeholders and strive to work in their best interests.

In-store Merchandising and Promotions

Merchandising and in-store promotions are key influencers of consumer buying decisions. Both merchandising and promotional activities account for the bulk of retail ad expenditures so retailers need to pay a great deal of attention to coordinating, scheduling and integrating the two. You have to know when to present products at the right time, in the right place, with the right quantity and at the right price to maximise sales.

Fresh Minds comes alongside brand owners to ensure that their products are well-stocked and attractively displayed at diverse retail locations.

We employ strategies to increase sales with in-store consumer promotions, product demonstrations, sampling efforts and distribution of advertising material, ensuring availability in multiple locations nationwide.

  •  We employ strategies to increase sales with in-store consumer promotions, product demonstrations, sampling efforts and distribution of advertising material, ensuring availability in multiple locations nationwide.
  • Consumer promotions, including sampling efforts, conducting product demonstrations and managing in-store events
  • Recruitment, selection and training of teams of hostesses and supervisors for events and in-store promotional activities
  • Designing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of POS materials/stands
  • Organising consumer competitions
  • Source, store and distribute prizes, premiums and promotional gadgets

Contact Us

The Willows Office Park – Block 4, George Road, Erand Gardens, Midrand, South Africa.  Tel: +27 81 353 9113 | +27 72 970 8699


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